Growth has given way to innovation

Over the last few years, we have both renewed and created many fine organisations and companies. However modest, we are proud of our results. We have achieved genuine innovation working with and within established organisations.

Knab - from "selling products" to a financial standard

What did we do?

Driven by our personal fascination with the world of banking we set out to create a new bank. 

In Aegon we found a partner who believes in us, our story and our approach. This meant that we started out with our eyes open and with a unique, people-centric business model in our initiative to create the Bank of Tomorrow and to fulfil an important pledge. This initiative finally took the name Knab: a bank that right now has over 300,000 customers and its own unique niche in the established order. 

Bidfood / Deli XL - from a closed purchasing chain to an open network system

What did we do? 

Bidfood (formerly Deli XL) asked us to act as a creative guide in the transformation of a traditional wholesaler into a network organisation. Together we were able to reshape Bidfood into an innovative business-to-business organisation. By working on the digital transformation, and devising and delivering the speedboats Vers247 and Foodreporter, we successfully made the transition to the new, transparent playing field. We thought the concept through, set up the business model and ensured its implementation, and got it up and running. Bidfood has expanded into a successful network organisation where food professionals know they can come together, and it is unique in the business-to-business world.

What does Bidfood think?

Dick Slootweg, CEO Bidfood: "Creatinc. has a pragmatic way of working combined with loyalty, skill and enthusiasm. All this is combined with the ability to interpret future developments and identify opportunities for the business. We are ready and well prepared for the future."

NLZIET - from linear TV watching, to watching whatever and whenever you want for a fixed price

What did we do?

The three competing organisations SBS, RTL and NPO wanted to set up a combined streaming service. The principal challenge was the strategic area in which the three competitors, each with their own interests, were going to collaborate. How could we best support this development? We created a single team, developed a new business model and launched the new service with a new brand, new earnings model and a robust collaboration structure.

What does NLZiet think?

Niels Baas, current CEO NLZIET: "We can be proud that we were the first country in Europe to succeed in setting up a working collaboration between public and commercial broadcasters and in building up these complex operations into a consumer friendly service."

TOON - from a product to a digital thermostat driven by a network

What did we do? 

Eneco launched a new business model with Toon, by linking their smart thermostat to additional services, for example energy savings and security. Eneco/Toon had the ambition of growing further to become a services vendor, and asked us to research and design a collaboration they wanted to create with Achmea.

With a combined team from Eneco/Toon, Achmea and Interpolis we worked on innovative business models from Smart Energy to Smart Living, joint brand perception and creating a new form of organisation. This resulted in the launch of Thuiswacht (literally: home watch) as the first new security service from Interpolis/Achmea, supported by technology from Toon. 

BEAT Cycling - from dependency to an inspiring platform

What did we do?
BEAT Cycling Club was created in 2016 in order to bring cycling enthusiasts closer to the professional cycling sport, to create loyalty and to inspire them. In doing this, BEAT is also breaking away from the current vulnerable structure of the professional team (where at present a single team sponsor is the only financial lifeline for a team) by creating a variety of new and different sources of income. After the exciting start-up phase when the club grew quickly from a plan on paper to a cyclists' club with 2,500 members and a professional road and track team, BEAT asked Creatinc. in 2019 to define the direction for the next phase, in order to be able to grow further with funding.

What does BEAT think?
Geert Broekhuizen, CEO BEAT Cycling Club: "With the help of show your true colours we defined the focus and jointly defined the content for the new strategic approach with a focus on experiences, social multimedia and vitality. The thorough manner in which Creatinc. guided us on this means that we are entering the next phase with the right focus!"

Alles is Gezondheid - shifting from care to a new system that focuses on health

What did we do? 

The profile and activities of Alles is Gezondheid were unclear. Through various collaborations, discussions and innovations, Creatinc. is working on the transition from a system based on care to a system that focuses on health. We are using a new creative concept, new collaboration structures and new earnings models in order to achieve real changes that create connection and innovation of what is needed both now and in the future, based on a clear profile.

What does Alles is gezondheid think?

Karen van Ruiten, director of Alles is Gezondheid: "Show your true colours gave us a clear compass, that was brought to life in new, health-driven structures. Creatinc. adds creativity and a clear overview, together with the inspiration to take action." 

BEYOND EYES - from driven by technology to customer-driven with a future-proof service organization

What did we do?

From the technology start-up BeSense to the service-driven network organization Beyond Eyes. We have made an important strategic and commercial transition for Heijmans and CSU. From a start-up, with a focus on platform and sensors (BeSense), to a future-proof service organization, with clear business models that respond to market developments and are more important than ever in the market of today and tomorrow. We call this Building Happy People.

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