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Show your colours and strengthen your innovative power

With our 'Kleur Bekennen' programs, we get to the core with pioneers in innovation and with companies and people who want to become one. By making clear choices about what you do want to do - and what no longer suits you - we help you find your place in the vanguard. Together we will map out your path step by step. And what will that bring? A clear sustainable business model, a sharp unique positioning, impeccable services and products that are relevant to people and fit the zeitgeist. Our team of specialists will help you innovate. Just until you have achieved that uniquely distinctive place in the vanguard.

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Showing true colours, that is what it is all about for us

Digging through, asking questions, going deeper. Because if you peel away all conventions, systems and patterns, you end up with your purpose. The reason why your company exists, why you get up in the morning. And which gives colour to everything you do. By showing your colours, you unlock your greatest value. Because when you do what deeply drives you, you are at your best.Then you will know what you can do, energy will flow, pride will rise and you will be able to look forward.

Kleur Bekennen for true innovation

Successful innovation comes from the essence of your organization. With many years of experience, we know how to create new concepts from a strong foundation. In three steps we ensure that you become a leader in your field.

Kleur Bekennen for a well-balanced team

With our 'Kleur Bekennen' programs for management teams, we guide the way to your position at the forefront so that you are prepared for tomorrow's world. In three days, we get your team ready for the future.

Kleur Bekennen for pioneers

With special 'Kleur Bekennen' programs for pioneers, we are also here on individual level for people who want to be of value in the rapidly changing world.

We create truly disruptive propositions, guide companies into tomorrow's world and provide powerful leadership with appropriate profiles.

But we don't want to tell you all that. Take a look at our sustainable innovations

'Kleur Bekennen' forces you to make choices - choices about what you are and are not in your customers' world and how that translates to your entire business.

Creatinc. guided us with great focus and in complete openness. We experienced the thorough aftercare as very pleasant and it ensured that we still have a common focus to preserve the right track.
Steef van 't Pad Bosch - CEO MKIN
You can tell from everything that Creatinc. has gained a lot of experience in various sectors and that this is enormously enriching in the process. We have fully incorporated the output of Kleur bekennen into our multi-year plan and we found the personal and professional interpretation of Creatinc. to be very pleasant.
Ad van Rijen - Bestuurder WijZijn Traverse Groep
The Kleur Bekennen process with Creatinc. has made a great contribution to getting all noses in the same direction. To have a supported framework about who we are, what we do uniquely, which direction we are heading in and how to translate this further. I also enjoyed the personal approach and guidance afterwards. Direct, challenging and goal-oriented.
Jasper Verbunt - CEO Redkiwi

Ready to show your true colours?

We'd love to tell you more about our working methods, our experienced team and the opportunities Kleur Bekennen has to offer.

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