'Kleur Bekennen' for pioneers

With the 'Kleur Bekennen' programs for pioneers, we are here for people who want to be of value in the rapidly changing world. For those who feel a sense of urgency and are willing to fulfill a primary role in it. Using the proven steps reflect, redesign and recreate we will search for your place in the vanguard.

Reflect: renewed insight into where you stand

Sometimes you need a listening ear. Or perhaps you want to discuss your own development or organization with someone who keeps you sharp and asks exactly the right questions. Because you want to discover how to refine your personal leadership profile. With us you have come to the right place. We guide you to the spot that suits you best. Using a 'Kleur Bekennen' leadership test, we dive deeper into who you are, what drives you and what makes you truly unique. This gives us a clear starting point. 

Redesign: recalibrate yourself and your company 

In the redesign-phase we develop your personal compass, according to what you wish to do - and which you decide what no longer suits you. With full conviction. With this, we establish a solid foundation on which you can continue to grow. This is always a one-on-one process, in which you can of course trust us 100%.

Recreate: put your innovation into practice

You have now made some sharp choices. We will help you to translate these into practice. In our unique way: inspiring, involved and straightforward. And when you are ready to go really deep, our annual programme for personal renewal is for you.

Kleur Bekennen for true innovation

Successful innovation comes from the core of your organization. With our 'Kleur Bekennen' programmes for organizations, we help you to renew, to innovate from the ground up, or to let your venture grow on the basis of a strong foundation.

Kleur Bekennen for a well balanced MT

With our 'Kleur Bekennen programmes' for management teams, we show the way to your place in the vanguard, so that you are ready for the world of tomorrow. In three days, we'll get your team ready for the future.

Join us on one of our inspiring learning and development trips

Every year we organise several inspiring learning and development trips. During these trips you get to the very core and learn to put into practice what you want to do. Kleur Bekennen is the basis for this. Expect inspiring sessions at appealing locations, with guests who will take you past the most important themes of today and tomorrow.

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