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In recent years we developed our philosophy and method, which has been successfully established at organizations and innovations, into a personal Color Confess Leadership test. The test, in the form of a digital questionnaire, is designed to investigate the potential and developability of the leadership styles in you. The scores on the styles and the underlying competencies and values provide a picture of your leadership style - and how it manifests itself in behavior. Based on that, you make an assessment of the behavior you show in practice - and the ability you have to grow in that area. In a personal session we discuss the insights and the results. 

You will receive an indication of your development potential for the four leadership styles: servant leadership, facilitating leadership, inspiring leadership, guiding leadership.

Servant leadership

A servant leader's focus is to do the best for his customers and employees, to unburden and pamper them. He provides and offers, as a matter of course, excellent and transcendent service that is implemented in all ways.

Facilitating leadership

The facilitating leader is literally always there for the employees. Listens, supports and guides where employees indicate. He has a servant energy, is easily accessible and averse to hierarchy. The strength of this leader is listening and connecting. He makes sure things get done and is focused on the process.

Inspiring leadership

The inspirational leader has a clear vision. He is authentic and charismatic and knows how to get people to come up with ideas and get them to develop them. He is a source of nourishment for the staff, pleasant to listen to, colorful and inspired.

Guiding leadership

The guiding leader knows how to interpret relevant developments. Works with a clear compass, gives direction and likes to take employees by the hand. People like to lean on this leader and feel supported. The strength of this leader is that he is seen as an expert and has content as one of his qualities.


How do you make sure you know how to innovate and what to invest in, especially in these changing times? To answer this question, we developed Innofacts, an extension of the digital 'Kleur Bekennen' leadership test. Whereas Kleur Bekennen is about consciously choosing the role you play for your customers, Innofacts provides a quantitative underpinning of the change potential in your organization. It also gives insight into the steps you can take to successfully transform.

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