'Kleur Bekennen' for real innovations

Successful innovation comes from the core of your organization. With our 'Kleur Bekennen' programme for organizations, we help you to renew, to innovate from the ground up, or to let your venture grow on the basis of a strong foundation. In three phases, we ensure that you become a pioneer in your field.

Reflect: the wonder of wondering 

The reflect-phase revolves around wonder. Why do you do what you do? What do you want to let go of? What is really important to you? Together we bring out your hidden gems. We ask the right questions and combine these with our own experience and expertise. In this way, we are able to reveal and confirm your true colour - your right to exist. This colour is the reason why employees and customers choose you and on which you can build further.

Redesign: give colour to your organization

In the redesign-phase, our specialists give substance to your colour and fill it in. We help you to let go of what you used to do and make sharp choices about what you do want to do. We do this using our unique Business Compass.

Want to know more about these components and how they connect?

Individuals: who are you there for? What type of customers do you like to have? Based on which characteristics do they fit in well with you? 

Innovation: what is the core of the products or services that you provide? We describe what makes your product or service unique and future-oriented and how you develop it.

Interaction: how do you communicate and connect? Through which channels do you establish and maintain contact with your customers? And how is your organisation recognised and acknowledged? 

Inspiring network: which cooperation partners help you to fill in and develop your distinctive capacity? 

Instruments: which technology do you use to develop and deliver your service or product? What do you really need and what do you get as you continue to differentiate and grow?

Internal motives: we help you to enrich functional leadership with emotional leadership. What is the DNA of your employees? And from which values do you realise a shared drive, pride and energy, to achieve the right results? 

Income and expenditure: what is the business model that matches your colour? We focus on the primary way in which you earn money, as well as your most important cost components.

Recreate: give shape to your innovation 

In the recreate-phase we develop your organization or innovation according to your colour and put it into practice. Depending on the situation, we have several tools at our disposal, in which we determine together with the organization what is most appropriate.

Kleur Bekennen for a well balanced MT

With our 'Kleur Bekennen' programs for management teams, we show the way to your place in the vanguard, so that you are ready for the world of tomorrow. In three days, we'll get your team ready for the future.

Kleur Bekennen for pioneers

With our special 'Kleur Bekennen' programs for pioneers, we are also there for people who want to be of value in the rapidly changing world.

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