We recruit the new leaders for a sustainable future

Creatinc people matches new leaders to organizations through expertise. We understand what you need as an organization to be prepared for the world of tomorrow and the leadership that it requires. Supported by our unique prism model for organizations, we can concretely and effectively delve into the organization and the leadership required. So that organizations can start to build on the basis of a strong leadership team. Especially in these turbulent times, it is more important than ever to be well-founded and thus prepared for the essential power of renewal.

A match 'made from heaven'

We give a new dimension to people matching by examining your drives, intentions and unique competencies and by using techniques from Human Design, Kleur Bekennen leadership tests and the Viventie model we developed. We ask what drives you most deeply and do not stop until we know what makes you truly unique. In this way, together with you, we map out your new path to a sustainable future and arrive at a suitable match. Because true innovators know that they have to listen to the undercurrent.

Leaning on our insights about innovativeness

In these chaotic times, innovation power is needed that fits an organization that wants to be prepared for tomorrow's world. We have renewed many organizations and put them in a pioneering position. By setting up concepts based on the new rules of the game, empowering leaders and assembling teams. We understand better than anyone what an organization needs in order to remain in the vanguard, in terms of content and quality, and what leadership profiles fit the bill. We incorporate these experiences into our matchmaking in attracting permanent and flexible positions and teams for real innovation.

We make impactful matches, put together complete teams to realize renewal and can guide these adjustments and changes through our special business coaching modules.

Are you looking for a unique interpretation of new leadership and making impact?

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