Show your colours. Get to the core. And go beyond

'Kleur bekennen' is the foundation of everything we do. The method originated as a philosophy, based on and from our practical experience. We have developed it into a well-proven method that gives you direction in the fields of renewal, organizational growth and personal growth. Kleur Bekennen is an anchor in a time that is uncertain and unpredictable. To remain relevant in the future, you'll have to confess your true colour now.

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Discover the roles of 'Kleur Bekennen'

During your 'Kleur Bekennen' journey, together we'll get to the bottom of your right to exist. In essence, every organization has one of four roles to play: are you an inspirator, guider, facilitator or servicer? By choosing one leading role that is closest to your core you bring clarity, recognition, pride and support.

Your color or your role is the foundation on which you can innovate successfully and sustainably. And which makes you a beacon in this rapidly changing world.

From Reflect, to Redesign and Recreate 

In three clear steps, we offer you guidance on the way to your future. As your travel companion, we help you to bring your raison d'être to life and grow into your next phase. 

Reflect - Gain insight into where you stand. Go back to the core. And make room for wonder. 

Redesign - Recalibrate yourself and your company and give colour to yourself and your organization through our unique Business Compas

Recreate - Bring your innovation into practice.

Kleur Bekennen for true innovation

Successful innovation comes from the essence of your organization. With many years of experience, we know how to create new concepts from a strong foundation. In three steps we ensure that you become a leader in your field.

Kleur Bekennen for a well balanced MT

With our 'Kleur Bekennen' programs for management teams, we show the way to your place in the vanguard, so that you are ready for the world of tomorrow. In three days, we'll get your team ready for the future.

Kleur Bekennen for pioneers

With our special 'Kleur Bekennen' programs for pioneers, we are also there for people who want to be of value in the rapidly changing world.